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Nutritional Supplementation and Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse – abuse of alcohol, street drugs, or prescription medications – harms the body in a couple of different ways. Not only does the substance itself harm the body, the addiction often leads to a lifestyle which negatively affects health, such as poor sleep or poor diet.

Government research indicates that proper nutrition, along with appropriate therapy and treatment, helps addicts recover from their addiction and helps prevent relapse.1 Supplementation such as that provided by Master Holistic Formulations can ensure that an individual’s nutritional balance is at the point where they can lead a healthy, happy, productive life.

It has long been common knowledge that the brain needs proper nutrition to function properly. What recent studies have also indicated, however, is that better nutrition in the form of supplementation of other nutrients such as amino acids can work with the brain to mitigate the symptoms of behavioral issues like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.)2

Through the use of nutritional supplements, a proper treatment for addiction can bring the body’s natural chemistry back into balance. At the same time, specially formulated all-natural supplements can supply the brain with what it needs to function better. The nutritional needs of both the mind and the body can be met so that they are better able to work together to fight the addiction and to help the recovering addict maintain their sobriety.


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