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Testosterone Support

Testosterone is the most important of all male hormones. With testosterone you are strong, muscular, youthful and vibrant.

As men get older, testosterone levels decrease. From about age 40, testosterone levels decrease about 0.3% - 1% per year. Young men under stress from school, jobs and family often have suppressed testosterone levels as well. Low testosterone levels result in reduced muscle mass, strength, sexual desire and mental capacity while also increasing the risk of obesity, brittle bones and heart attack.

The best way to maintain healthy testosterone levels naturally is through a combination of nutrition, exercise, stress management and supplementation.

Diet plays a huge role in testosterone regulation. Choose smaller portions of foods like soy that contain high levels of phytoestrogens. Avoid saturated fats that contribute to estrogen production. Instead choose EFAs from fish oil. And try to eat a high protein diet that contains complex low glycemic carbs.

Since muscle helps maintain higher testosterone levels, exercise on a regular basis. Whole body exercises like squats, deadlifts and bent rows are particularly good at stimulating testosterone and growth hormone release.

Get plenty of sleep and reduce stress to suppress the muscle-destroying stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a big testosterone killer.

Supplementation can also help support your body’s production of testosterone. Total Male and b-Vital are formulated to help with the natural augmentation of testosterone production in men.