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ADHD Testimonial

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 6 years old. After completing several ADHD studies, it was determined that she was a 10, when measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the highest amount of activity. The hardest decision was to put my 6 year old on medication that would help her focus, calm her impulsiveness and stop her from the hyperactivity which could result in injury, like falling backwards out of her chair. Before putting her on medication, I tried several natural vitamins, which were recommended for ADHD and increased her exercise/activity level, neither made any difference. Finally, I caved in and the doctor put her on Adderall XR. The change was almost immediately, she was much more focused, her hyperactivity lessened and she could sit still in school without falling backwards out of her chair. I was pleased with the results, but still in search of a holistic solution to solving the ADHD, instead of medicating my 6 year old every day. Over the next 6 years, I tried several more natural vitamin solutions, none of which addressed the ADHD at all. The side effects of the medication were starting to be significant, such as biting her nails down to the skin....then after a few years on Adderall, she developed ticks which were absolutely horrible. She was jerking her shoulders, twitching her eyes and face muscles. I took her completely off Adderall in the summer which eventually got rid of the ticks, but quickly brought back all of the ADHD. I had the doctor switch her medication to Vyvanse, when she returned to school, as I knew she needed the focus for her rigorous academic schedule. It took about 1 year on Vyvanse for the ticks to re-appear. I was exasperated from researching and trying natural solutions that were useless and horrified with constantly medicating my child and seeing the terrible side effects!!

About 2 months ago, I happened to mention my daughter’s ticks from the ADHD medication to Dr. Sands and he said he could possibly help her, so I immediately scheduled an appointment. Dr. Sands spent about 15 minutes with my daughter and he prescribed 2 of his “Neuro-Level” capsules and one 500mg capsule of all natural GABA in the morning and the same dosage in the afternoon, then follow-up in 10 days. It was a miracle, my daughter and I noticed a big difference over the next couple of days. A week and a half later, the ticks were completely gone along with the hyperactivity, impulsiveness and her focused had improved over and above what it was with the meds. I am elated that after 6 years, we finally have a natural solution which totally resolved all the ADHD issues. My daughter is completely off ADHD medication and feeling great thanks to one dedicated and caring individual, Dr. Sands! Words cannot describe the appreciation and gratitude we have for he only person who truly understands ADHD and therefore, has a natural resolution addressing the vitamin deficits causing ADHD. Dr. Sands is a breath of fresh air, solving the medical issue, unlike traditional doctors who prescribe medications to cover-up the issues never understanding or investigating the true cause and solution to resolving the problem altogether!

Carol H.
LHP, Florida